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For the international promotion of publishers based in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.


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Welcome to the foreign rights section of the Éditeurs du Sud website !

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Should you be interested in one of our titles you can get in touch with the Foreign Rights Department by sending an e-mail to:
Ms Isabelle Côté

Traces... Fragments of Contemporary Tunisia Texts : Thierry Fabre & Sana Tamzini Le Bec en l'air » Read more
Algeroid Photopgraphs: Abed Abidat Images Plurielles Editions » Read more
Parents of a Jihadist Céline Schoen Editions de l'Aube » Read more
My First Book of Chinese Lisa Bresner Éditions Picquier » Read more
Replanting consciences Recasting the relationship between man and nature Sabine Rabourdin Yves Michel » Read more
Trances, medicine of the soul Shamanism, Hypnosis, Relaxation therapy Gérard Vigneron & Françoise Marie Le Souffle d'Or » Read more
Experimental Musics A tranverse anthology of emblematic recordings Philippe Robert Le Mot et le reste » Read more
La France du jazz Denis-Constant Martin & Olivier Roueff Parenthèses » Read more

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